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January 13, 2018

Gil Thorp Doesn’t Care About Huddled Masses


Boy, I sure feel like trotting out my New Yorker-referencing post from last March. Could Gil be any more of an insensitive prick? Jordy’s cousin Jorge has had his home destroyed and is just looking for some semblance of order in his life right about now. All Gil cares about is that the kid isn’t as tall and broad as he’d like in the showers on the court. Remember, Gil, you go to war with the basketball team you have, not the one you might want or wish to have at a later time.

Surely Coach Thorf can pull out his Little Golden Book of Sports Strategies from the Early 20th Century and find one suitable for a team full of guards. Small ball, run-and-gun, a lot of forced switching up on defense, with a focus on speed, agility and a whole lot of conditioning training – the options for a size-challenged basketball team are out there. Then again, for a coach who pulls old formations and strategies out of his ass mid-season and expects his players to adapt almost immediately, that may be too much to expect.

Jordy Castillo is becoming that rarest of birds in the Thorpiverse: a guy with a goatee who isn’t a cardboard villain or fly in the ointment.  Jorge looks to come from good stock.


January 11, 2018

I bet he can handle himself alright if he has to


Born in Puerto Rico

Raised in Georgia

My mama gave me the basic facts of life (of life…)


On top of all that, he played for the Nats.* Geez, hasn’t Jorge Padilla suffered enough?

Today’s inspiration:

*He could instead be the economist or the lawyer, which would be par for the Rubin course.

January 10, 2018

It Is What It Is or That’s What Everybody Says


Welp, looks like Jorge is going to fit right in and we’ve managed to sensitively (and quite succinctly too!) treat on one of the worst ongoing humanitarian crises in our nation’s history in a mere three panels.

I haven’t the patience for this today and previous drafts of this post were rather more profane.

January 8, 2018

The Ellipses Of Jordy

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Jordy Castillo is an apprentice in the electrical trade. That is awesome. The skilled trades are really where it’s at these days. You might even say skilled trades are “the place to be”, what with all the baby boomers retiring. I mean, Gen Xers and millennials want nothing to do with the skilled trades. They want to be in some other place, I guess. They want to do things like practice law or have viral videos. I don’t know, really. As a commenter pointed out, maybe we will have Mike Rowe make a cameo and explain it to us.

Jordy has his union swag, so he must be committed to this trade. However, he needs something from Gil, something related to “place to be”. Does he need a place to stay? Stay tuned…

January 6, 2018

Look for the Union Label


Jordy Castillo was Milford baseball’s best story almost three years ago, but his story was never told.  Now it might be – or at least his backstory since then.  I think Kaz is trying to tell us Jordy went to play junior college (a/k/a “juco”) baseball, since junior chambers of commerce don’t typically have baseball programs.

Looks like Jordy’s already joined the union, if I read the lettering on his jacket correctly. What brings him to Gil’s office, and what’s captured his attention there?

“Say, Coach, that’s a nice team photo of your state football champions you got there. Looks like there’s some substandard wiring behind it, though. I heard the Milford School Board went with the lowest bidder when they upgraded, went with some scab – I mean, non-union – outfit to do the job.  It’d sure be a shame if it shorted out back here.  You could lose all these nice pictures, and that coffee pot, and your mug with your name on it… Oh, where was I? So, yeah, I’m an apprentice electrician now.”

It’s way too early to tell if Jordy is Chekhov’s electrician, but if this arc turns into a story about the current job market and the pursuit of a trade versus a college degree after high school it could be interesting, if not ham-fisted as per usual.

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year

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Happy New Year to all you Thorpsters!

It looks like Gil and Kaz are ready to turn the page and start fresh with basketball. We are all looking forward to another journey on the hardwood and the exploits of the youthful Mudlark cagers. 2018 is going to be a great year. I’ve got a feeling about this.

Oh, but first there’s one more turd left over from 2017 and it’s today’s insufferable, self-congratulatory stinker! The previous strip told us there were two more football games and a talent show. We learn via post season hive fiving that Milford won the final game at Valley Tech by 20. That’s it. The record book entry for the 2017 football season will be brief and sketchy.

As far as the Sotos go, all we need to know is that Gil helped solve their problem. Yeah, whatever. He waited until the last minute, got Kaz to ask Kelly to google Uncle Gary and then apparently reminded Richard Soto Sr. that he needed to participate in raising his son because Connie was basically useless.

Oh, how proud we are of Gil!


By the way, Gil, is that an ANUS brand laptop on your desk? Seems fitting considering where most of your coaching and mentoring wisdom originates from.


December 28, 2017

There’s a 10-cent Big Guy Deposit Fee in Milford


As this strip stumbles forward to end the football season and the calendar year simultaneously, the slapdash approach to tying up loose plot ends prompts me to approach today’s post in a similar fashion.

“That big kid?” Maybe Gil should’ve signed up for baseline testing himself.

Nice to see Marcie from Peanuts grew up and landed a teaching gig. Is she teaching math (cosines?) or opera (Così fan tutte)? That big kid can sing, or so we’ve been told.

The part of Ricardo “Call Me Richard” Soto, Sr. is being played today by Ivan Reitman-era Bill Murray.  I reckon Billy was able to tear himself away from Mr. Bakst at The Gin Joint. YHS was unable to make it to Charleston this Christmas and so, not unlike Marty Moon, is drinking alone.

December 25, 2017

Time Out


Here we go. Rick Soto is walking in to this improbable confrontation to put the final nail in Uncle Gary’s coffin. The only way this would be interesting is if it’s not Rick, but the guy whose couch Gary slept on rent free for months. That couch was expensive and Gary’s gonna pay!

That’s all neither here nor there. It’s time for the Christmas greeting. It looks like Kelly and Bob get to participate this year. It’s only fitting as it was Kelly’s internet ninja skills that finally nudged this stupid plot from it’s endless torpor. As far as the Thorp kids go, just forget about them. They’re never coming back.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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