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June 8, 2017

Alyssa? Explains It All


Many years ago I lived inside the Beltway, and a running joke at that time was that when people moved to Great Falls, Virginia, they were automatically issued a Range Rover. My initial observation of Mother Van Auken led me to believe that when women move to Milford, they are issued the same huge earrings and chunky bracelets that native Milfordian girls are issued at birth. (The Van Auken digs wouldn’t look out of place in Great Falls, either; I’m guessing on the opposite side of town from McShanes Hardware.) Then I noticed the chunky bracelet on the wrist of one of the Fun Girls from Central and realized that this is the way of the Valley.

A week ago I questioned how Dafunk reached the conclusion that the girl Ryan hit was his girlfriend, since that had yet to be explicitly stated. Well now it has. The next exposition should be how the Central girls learned about what happened between two Kingsbrook students and made it their business to let one of them not forget about it.

May 31, 2017

So, I Took A Little Vacation From The Blog…

May 30, 2017


And this is what I come back to… Nothing wrong with the first two panels of Tuesday’s strip and I even get a kick out of The Bucket supporting the baseball team, confident in the knowledge that they”ll more than make back their advertising spend through increased sales of milkshakes and french fries. But, boy howdy we swerve back to the Volcano hit a girl plotline and I got just about nothing.

May 31, 2017


I am trying to imagine that part of Ryan’s shock is coming not from the sign, which looks about a third the width of the one they were holding in panel three of Tuesday’s strip, but also the incessant clacking and clanging of those bracelets.

March 24, 2017

This could be the last time

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And we inch along to the next game, which happens to be one Aarons mom attends – has she seen a game yet? We hadnt explored this angle – that maybe his performances are tied to her being there. Of course we only had 3 months to get this far – Aaron was introduced on December 15, a mere 100 days ago. Looks like a recycled panel in P3 but not quite

By the way, I was thinking about the pace of this strip when I was in 2 traffic jams on my recent trip to Arizona for Cubs spring training – on 10 West in Phoenix, a 6-lane interstate that apparently still isnt enough room for everyone; my 21-mile trip to Goodyear Stadium took over an hour. Then driving home from the airport took 2 hours to go 115 blocks. Yeesh. Thats what I get for scheduling a later flight so I dont have to get up at 5 to go to the airport to take my shoes off. :) Good ol rush hour traffic plus a closed road.

Gil looks resigned to the fact of Aaron shacking up with him and Mimi; he had second thoughts 5 seconds after his proposal.






August 11, 2016

Can You Believe This Crap Again?


“Hey, let’s heap physical and verbal abuse on the kid who had nothing to do with his father’s accident, then shun him, then repeat the entire cycle again and again, then act all pissy because the kid doesn’t want to be around us so we can repeat the cycle yet again.”


Oh well. At least it’s much better than “Cats.”

PS: Recycled art tag for True Standish’s hair on Art Standish’s head and (possibly) for Kaz’s big-ass 1998 Nokia 5110.


December 25, 2015

Hey where’d all that snow come from?

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So here we are again at another Christmas strip, and I get the honors. Yippee. Thank god I dont have to comment on actual action, or analyze inane comments by characters who if they were real-life would put themselves in the insane asylum before continuing with their actions. At any rate, I hope everyone has a merry Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate, and remember if Gil doesnt do it, you shouldnt either. I could put up all the past Christmas with the Thorps strips, but repeating the sounding joy is more fun.

Our song today is a favorite of mine, released the Christmas before  Thorp started coaching, 1957, by Bobby Helms.

December 5, 2015

We’re All Asking the Same Question, Alan


Today’s strip is just three panels of “Well duh!” that does next to nothing to advance the plot.  Holly begins to develop a conscience a bit too late; don’t bite those nails, honey, you’re still on TV!  Rubin missed the perfect opportunity to give us drunk, sad Marty in P3 as counterpoint to the first two panels but… wait, what?  Is that Gil’s pissy face pasted onto Bobby Bittmayne’s head in P2, at an angle that suggests being punched that way? Sure looks like it. I’m pulling the “Recycled art” tag even if I’m not 100% certain. So sue me.

Finally, Breck Girl Darwin calls out bro Dor(k)y in the last of today’s “no shit Sherlock” moments.  Another missed opportunity to connect the dots between Dor(k)y’s on-field antics and their consequences; at the very least I’d have expected his hand in a cast.

October 20, 2015

Em Dashes – Commas, And Ellipses…

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If you were getting a little too worked up by the fireworks in the Mimi-Holly showdown, two panels of flashback ought to settle you down. I get that the rounded corners in panel two are indicative of the jump, but why does panel three have those Batiukian photo corners?

Speaking of which… Haven’t we seen panel three before? For that matter, I’m not sure what to make of the fact that Gil’s speech is punctuated differently. Nevermind the substitution of ‘from’ for ‘and’.

Bonus point: I have to imagine that the lack of an exclamation point on Mimi’s dialogue is an exceptional deviation from the normal soap strip practice.

June 20, 2015

Hurry Up and Lose Already! Part Deux

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Good grief, Whigrub, this is just so lazy – not unlike myself, recycling Thursday’s post title.

Valley Tech’s and Milford’s road uniforms look identical save for those Rorschach blobs on the batting helmets so you’d be forgiven for thinking this was all one game. That speeding Elrod ball at P1 lower right was supposed to be our segue, I guess?  Collin Lalonde channels his inner Rick Dempsey at Madison, unless he jammed his thumb on the base in which case he channels his inner Bryce Harper.

Finally we get recycled Gil with the hastily scrawled flat-bottomed collar over his t-shirt crew neck (if Milford’s on the road, wouldn’t manager Gil be wearing the same dark jersey as his players? Anyway, alert TWIMers will no doubt find the original) accosted by close talker Marty who looks Photoshopped on top of Gil. I believe Marty’s gonna tell him “a little club soda will get that out.” Give Whigham a smidgen of credit for choosing which of the many faces of Gil to recycle as that puss clearly reads “Oh no you di’n’t.”

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