This Week in Milford

January 7, 2022

Oh get over it already

The girls lose to Tennessee-Chittenango but their sneakers have great treads on them!

Instead of the Bucket its pizza night for Hollis and Cathy as they order in. I usually pick up my pizza as it saves money on tips plus I like driving. Kinda odd to do this after a game at night unless these 2 live very close to each other. (walking distance) No idea why they cant sit at a table and eat unless theyre watching TV; they appear to be staring at the pizza box. Its also odd-looking pizza (white and tiny pieces). At any rate, we’ll see what develops, but being captain-ish means addressing the whole team in the locker room, not waiting til your bestie is with you in your house. Again, 1 loss and there’s panic in the streets. Normal girls would be so over it by the 3rd bite of pizza. Not this crew. And we’re stuck with them.




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