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November 18, 2017

Life-Changing Foreshadowing


Wow. Take away the dialogue from today’s first panel and you’d be hard pressed not to think Uncle Gary was fixing to slap the hell out of his sister Connie. I’m sure it’s really meant to be more of a “talk to the hand” gesture, as in “What Rick thinks (or you think) of my grand scheme to make him famous is of no consequence to me.” Or, in the words of someone I alluded to in my last post:

The only person’s life in need of obvious change here is Uncle Gary, but not in the way he thinks.  What does dad in Dubai think of this? Why haven’t we seen or heard diddly from him? Wouldn’t Connie or Rick have mentioned Gary’s scheme to him already? Wouldn’t he be back on the next Emirates nonstop into Milford International Airport to beat creepy uncle to a pulp? Meanwhile…

“We’re here at Milford High School, where we’ve secretly replaced Rick Soto’s head with one off a broken Rock’em Sock’em Robot. Let’s see if anyone can tell the difference!”

Rick is not getting the gist of veer blocking from Coach Steve Boone. Maybe Uncle Gary’s little scheme is proving too much of a distraction. Maybe the fake concussion Uncle Gary claimed Rick had will turn into a real concussion next week. Then the real life changing may begin.




November 7, 2017

Oh Goody. More Waiting.


Amazing. So, Gil’s brilliant strategy of implementing a new offense mid-season was based on, among other very dubious assumptions, the notion that it keys entirely off of one and only one player. That’s some coaching.

Panel 1: I had a job with a guy from the midwest who used ‘gents’ frequently. A recent development was that I had to work with/for him a lot more. I don’t work at that job anymore.

Panel 2: Should I recognize this guy? I sure should. He’s the dynamo who is driving the plot, Andre! Here he is as part of the crowd and here is where we confirm his name. We also see him here being kind of a jerk about supporting Little Ricky’s fledgling singing career. Way to go, Andre! That can-do spirit is exactly what the team will need while they are getting pounded into the turf at Tilden.

Panel 3: Speaking of jerks… Jeeze guys. Maybe save that talk for after practice. Are coaches Shaw and Boone the shadowy figures lurking in panel two? Guys! Gil and Andre can totally hear you.

Bonus Question: What is the purpose of that card Steve is holding? I checked the color version of the strip which shows that it’s a white, blank card.

Bonus Bonus Question: Speaking of, by what means is Steve’s towel suspended?

March 15, 2017

You Want Gil’s Attention? Hit Him In His Wallet.

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It’s great how things rapidly drew to a head the second time Gil had to cover another $3.50 slice of banana cream pie. You can practically see him wince as the order goes in. Never mind all of that hypothetical checking in with counselors or social workers, Gil is just going to cut to the chase and straight up talk Tina out of her opioid addiction.

Bonus point:

Hey, it’s Steve Boone! Nice to see him picking up a paycheck during the football off-season.


November 10, 2016

Undersized Hog

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Check it out, it’s Steve Boone, Milford’s line coach making his second appearance this fall. He was yelling at sloppy hogs a few weeks ago when we thought The Secret Pelwecki was going to be all the rage. Now that we’re embroiled in the adventures of H.E. Burns, all catch/no block TE, it is great timing that Steve makes another appearance. Steve is a voice of reason within the Milford coaching brain trust. What are we doing with this undersized TE who can’t support our ground game, Steve asks. We’re right there with you, buddy.

October 17, 2016

Pete De Windt: Sloppy Hog

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The rain soaked game continues. It’s all ponchos and slop. Is that line coach Steve Boone barking out to his lineman, aka hogs, to slug it out in the slop? Hogs do enjoy slop. You know who really loves him some slop? TE Pete De Windt! He loves slippin’ and slidin’ in the slop and throwing big, explosive blocks so that Milford can move, sloppily. Stay sloppy, Pete!

Edited to add: I can’t believe I missed the chance to throw in a few obscure pop culture references. First, I could have used the Devo song Sloppy (I Saw My Baby Getting) and second, the Frank Zappa line: Is that a real poncho or a Sears poncho? Oh well, I still get paid the same. (Also, there is really no decent video for the Devo song. They didn’t make a proper video for the song and all of the live ones on Youtube look and/or sound like crap.)

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