This Week in Milford

November 21, 2022

Milford Healthcare Mysteries

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Keri’s volleyball injuries were serious enough to bypass Trainer Rick Scott (if there is a Trainer Rick Scott in the Barajas Milfordverse) and send her straight to the Milford Medical Center. Is the Milford Medical Center something more than a walk-in clinic with a swanky entryway? The MMC has a nice picture window where you can look in and see the staff assessing patients. That’s cool. If the smoking lady hanging out on the front step wants to take a gander at an ankle assessment, she should have a nice view.

So the doctor, or physicians assistant, or nurse practitioner, or licensed practical nurse, or certified nurses assistant doing the examination has determined that the diagnosis is a bruised ankle. But Ned, you say, some of those occupational categories you named can’t write prescriptions! Ah, but who writes a prescription for ibuprofen? It could be a CNA writing a “subscription” on any ol’ pad with a Ziggy cartoon on it. Okay, sure, maybe you need a prescription for a higher dosage than the over-the-counter ibuprofen, but I’ve always been baffled by that when you can do you own dosage with the over-the-counter stuff by gobbling down whatever you want. Okay so maybe the prescription is for a higher dosage with a time release….okay, okay why did I wander down this path? Take some Advil, that’ll be $120. That’s what we have here.

It is possible to go overboard with ibuprofen, but I don’t know how many kids get themselves messed up on over-the-counter pain medication. If the risk is that serious, maybe it’s something that should be discussed with the parent or guardian of a minor!

The Comics Curmudgeon bailed me out this morning by posting today’s Gil Thorp. I don’t know where he gets comics. He has alluded to having a super secret source. I still got nothing on GoComics or seattle pi. Good luck to us going forward. ned

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