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September 11, 2021

These Random Words Will Somehow Be Meaningful Before This Plot Is Over

The challenge today, gentle readers, is to figure out how these statements – which, taken in isolation, sound nothing like how real people actually speak – will foreshadow some essential plot element during this story arc.

Tevin puts his all into Mudlark football and can’t see how Kianna is able to do the same for two sports. The fact that Tevin is whipped after just one practice may hint at a lack of conditioning on his part. Kianna hints that it’s because neither of her sports are contact sports. Yesterday she alluded to the use of energy drinks, opening the door to an unhealthy dietary angle.

Speaking of diets, Tevin is off to the cafeteria where he and some of his teammates snarf down all-white food. It kinda looks like the grocery store where Otto worked in Repo Man. The group includes beady-eyed Boyd Spiller who, like Tevin, has also been recently promoted to the varsity. Boyd has already established himself as mouthy and tactless, so why his teammates are acting like his recitation of some clickbait listicle will be as riveting as the Gettysburg Address is beyond me. Could be that his ability to read people won’t translate to an ability to read stunts or blitzes, leading to Tevin’s getting sacked and injured, which would tie back to Kianna’s comment about tackling.

Anyway, we have a while to figure this one out. Just file it in your collective memory bank for reference.

meta: Today is an unavoidably somber day in the US. I’m not going to bore you with stories of where I was twenty years ago today, or offer any kind of take on how our world has changed since then. You’ve had more than enough teenchy for one week. I will, however, leave a link to this story I read this morning. The section in which the former high school basketball star and young college grad decides to change his career tack from book publishing to corporate PR reminded me a bit of the Heather Burns story. One life among thousands lost – thousands whom we will remember today and for years to come.

September 8, 2021

Two Digs for the Price of One

So yeah, these mooks were on the JV last year. Tevin got a case of the yips on more than one occasion and cost them… something. Second place in the Valley JV conference, prolly. It might not have entirely been Tevin’s fault, since Boyd Spiller might have thrown a few lookout blocks at key moments. Tevin might not let him forget it, either, as he jerks a thumb in Boyd’s direction. At least I think that’s supposed to be Tevin’s thumb; why would Boyd insult himself? Shades of old Eight Elbows and Jaquan Case here. Anyhoo, I expect old Gordon will be keeping tabs on the beady-eyed Spiller, who seems like the kind of guy who’d get fragged by his own troops.

On to the volleyball court where Kianna Bello lays out a dig. Let’s see if her gymnastics talents come into play here. Or not.

Added new category: Colorist Error. May attempt to apply it retroactively to the summer arc and the miscolored Bemidji State rain jacket.

November 4, 2020

Just Your Typical Three Panels of Obnoxiousness. Nothing to See Here, Part Deux

Did y’all do anything fun yesterday? Yeah, me neither, and I hope you slept better than I did.

Speaking of better, better late than never with today’s post. The Thayer v. Rapson competition is not only for quarterback but also for the attention of that little ray of sunshine, Corina. Judging from the look on Thayer’s face in P2, the competition at the moment exists only in Rapp’s head. He’s had enough of her outgoing personality and has decided any ongoing interaction is not worth the effort.

What he has not had enough of is twisting the knife into Rapp’s audible-calling, benchwarming ass. BFD that Rapp has convinced Corina to come to the Goshen game, unless she wants to see the true leader of the Mudlark offense in action, that is. Corina might not cotton to authority but she’s equally uninclined to warm up to a sycophant. Come to think of it, isn’t that what Thayer is in essence – a game manager who may not spark the big plays but who follows Gil’s instructions to the letter? Seems like neither one of these guys has a chance with her. Keep your eyes on that Dallas guy, though.

November 2, 2020

Advantage, Dallas?

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Rapson is rounding up a volleyball posse so CK will talk to him. That sounds like another hairbrained scheme. Why bring other guys? Is Rap afraid of being seen by himself at a volleyball game?

What’s the story with Dallas? Is he part of the Rapson crew or was he already a volleyball stalwart? Maybe Dallas has been stalking CK at the volleyball games all along after he clocked her in her catching gear after he delivered pizza to that famous baseball game. I’ll definitely root for Dallas to win the CK sweepstakes, even if the prize is ambiguous at this point. Maybe if someone plays their cards right, they will get an invite to a Friday night game of canasta. Oh, but what about those pesky football games? Score one for Dallas (if he’s not on the football team.)

October 31, 2020

Corina’s Shakin’, Not Stirred

Boy, Central pretty much sucks at everything this season, don’t they? Too bad we didn’t see how badly they sucked at volleyball. Then again we haven’t seen much more volleyball action than Rapp has – just that one panel about a month ago. We should get to see some more soon, though, since Corina has made that a prerequisite to getting down the base path with her.

That is Corina, isn’t it? The coarsening of her profile in P1 looks like a throwback to Berrill’s style and that’s not her usual mullet she’s wearing, either. Next panel she looks like a completely different person as she has a seizure describing Becca’s performance against Central. Finally all hairs are back in place as Rapp hates to see her leave but loves to watch her go.

Now it’s a matter of time to see which of the dueling QBs shows his face first at a Lady Mudlarks volleyball match. I’ll laugh if it ends up being Leonard Fleming. Heaven knows we need a good laugh right about now. Hope you TWIMers had a fun and safe Halloween, shook one, not stirred one, in Sean Connery’s memory, and remember to turn your clocks back before you turn in tonight.

October 26, 2020

Knees Like Torgo

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It appears as though Terry “You can call me Rapp” Rapson has decided validation from Corina is one of the spoils that the starting QB can expect. Maybe he should have asked Will Thayer how that’s been working out. Corina’s body language, icy stares and skull jewelry, not to mention her snappy comebacks, send a pretty clear message to would be QB suitors. Corina don’t care, so get it through your thick skulls jockos.

What is wrong with these losers? Why is Corina the big prize? Look at these bit players on the volleyball squad. QB attention seems to have major capital in their community. Wise up, Rapp and troll through volleyball practice and one of these girls will probably dry hump you in the Bucket parking lot just for the story!

Let’s talk about Corina’s body in panel 3. Even with the inconsistent approach to drawing in this strip, it’s been established that Corina is “thicc” in that she’s of average build but with Johnny Bench-like proportions in the lower half. I think panel 3 tries to stick with that routine, but something went wrong in the knees. Perhaps Corina should consider wearing the black kneepads favored by her teammates. Those striped numbers are not doing her any favor. Nobody wants a chick with big, meaty knees.

Torgo supposedly has goat legs. What’s Corina’s story?

September 30, 2020

A View to a Kill Shot

Will Thayer has been to Milford volleyball games about as often as Milford volleyball games have appeared in this strip.

This is the first time that we’ve seen actual in-game volleyball action, at least since I’ve been blogging for TWIM. As a result of that I can’t say for certain whether P1 is an accurate representation of a volleyball kill shot. I’d have expected Becca not to be so far into her follow-through relative to where the ball appears, unless she was well above the net when she hit the ball and is now on her way back down to earth.

Panel 2 has me wondering again whether Rubin actually reads this blog. We have almost to a person collectively complained about the lack of attention given to girls’ sports and well-developed female characters in Gil Thorp. Now here we have Corina giving voice to that sentiment and, having been given an entire summer’s worth of backstory about her, I s’pose that counts for character development from Neal’s POV. As tdrew pointed out yesterday, we don’t know when the volleyball games are played and whether they conflict with football games or practices. Just the same Corina’s gonna get that attendance figure up through the power of sheer obnoxiousness. It’s not quite the Paloma Padilla approach but it might work.

Finally we have Thayer’s on-field rival Rapson asking rando teammate about the new girl. How long has he been in Milford? He should know that all he needs to do is hit the diner and get the lowdown from Maureen.

September 21, 2020


These are the two quarterbacks, right? I don’t remember what they look like. Let’s say they’re Rapson and Thayer, but I’m not gonna swear I know which is which. The point is that one of them has now caught a glimpse of Corina and he’s interested. The other one wonders if he might get a leg up on the QB competition if his rival is smitten by the Milford “it girl”.

It’s all about Corina, friends. We’d better just get used to it. She’s sassy and brassy, she’s a catcher, she’s a prospective volleyball player, everybody’s talking about her and she’s just getting warmed up at Milford High School.

So could we tear our attention away from Corina for one panel so we can show this flippin’ bonfire? We can cut back to Corina afterwards as she stares into the flames, consumed with impulses to make the world BURN!

ETA: I just read of the sudden passing of Bill Bickel, aka CIDU Bill, who wrote the Comics I Don’t Understand blog. (It’s been over there among the Comics Mockage Posse links since the early days of TWIM.) I was not a regular reader, but I dipped in from time to time and enjoyed Bill’s unique angle on comics blogging. RIP CIDU Bill.

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