This Week in Milford

October 9, 2015


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As the intrusion of Milford football continues, we have the cameraman and mike man position themselves farther away at Gils request, and they pick up Gils determination that his team cant beat Bastrop, a school from Texas. At the moment theyre losing to Reagan, just like Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale did many years ago. SUBTITLE:  WE SUCK.

Love how they have helmets on with t-shirts for the walk-through. Why the hell they need the helmets is beyond me. Unless they fear they’ll hear Gil better with them off. SUBTITLE: GET YOUR G_DAMN CAMERAS OUTTA HERE!!

October 3, 2015

Night Owls

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Well someone forgot to tell the defense to show up – all the worrying about 7 on 7’s made everyone forget about the other side of the ball, and its a free-for-all, albeit more exciting then a 7-6 taffy pull. Great Panel 1, but Panel 2 makes no sense as the defender is at least 5 yards offsides at the snap. Starting in the opponents backfield and still giving up 34 points is something nobody can help you with, let alone real coaches. Dont know where the fans all dissappeared to – maybe they saw Marty’s whiskey in his cabin and are lined up for a sip. All televised too! Hey, who’s # 44? Nice catch and score – looks like that locks up the game and we can show Gil shaking hands with the Oakwood coach who was last seen in 2013 –


and before that all the way back in 2007!

Obviously Tod Andrews either lost his hair, his color, or both. I almost lost my mind researching this info! Happy Saturday!!

June 5, 2015

Dont believe me just watch.

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P1 Gil repeats what he said yesterday and adds that coaching caveat – forget about whos watching you and concentrate on your job, and the rest will take care of itself. Another life lesson from the GilFather.

And we’re back in party mode with Boo Radley announcing her weekend plans to the girls who dont seem too keen on watching a show at midnight. Well Boo will get someone to go, and his name is True. And I figure there’s some trouble ahead with a late night, a romantic setting and the Mystic Pranks ready to split your ears out. The scouts wont have an answer for how fast True can get in the soup in Central City.

March 20, 2015

Yes I’m wearing the same sweaty sweatervest I wore to the game

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Max predictably is ineffective without the Adderall, and Gil replaces him, in typical Gil fashion too late to save the team from a loss. I remember when losses were status quo, now they’re ‘important’.
Bobby promises to have another pill for Max the next game, and also doesnt bother to change clothes between the game and school the next day, where the only difference is he is sans tie. Leisl looks terrific in that purple dress, and if she is changing her mind about Bobby for his savant abilities, so be it.

December 19, 2014

Basketball Bobby

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Gil Thorp



So former White Sox closer Bobby Howry is now reincarnated as a high school basketball player/future big-time coach.

And from our first impression he looks like the latest in a line of self-aggrandizing characters that you hope get accidentally tossed in the annual bonfire with the firewood or otherwise banished to another school in the valley, where their appearances are minimized. He seems to think changing his name to Bobby will improve his chances of succeeding at coaching, even though all we know about him is he’s short and cant play a lick. Otherwise Gil wouldnt be acting like he’s the last resort for a varsity team adjusting to roster moves as the football season has ended 3 weeks after everyone elses. Nice to have such aspirations but if he’s learning Basketball 101 from Gil Thorp at Milford, I dont care if his last name is Bobby too – he’ll be lucky to coach at the YMCA. At least Gil knows who he is; maybe Kaz will take a sabbatical and let young Howry fill in for on-the-job training? We’ll see if he’s running the team by mid-season so Gil can do more of what he does best – not coach and look like he is.

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