This Week in Milford

March 20, 2015

Yes I’m wearing the same sweaty sweatervest I wore to the game

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Max predictably is ineffective without the Adderall, and Gil replaces him, in typical Gil fashion too late to save the team from a loss. I remember when losses were status quo, now they’re ‘important’.
Bobby promises to have another pill for Max the next game, and also doesnt bother to change clothes between the game and school the next day, where the only difference is he is sans tie. Leisl looks terrific in that purple dress, and if she is changing her mind about Bobby for his savant abilities, so be it.

March 13, 2015

Is there a pill for being mono-focused?

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Well its 1 and done for mister Howry as Leisl determines he needs to broaden himself to play in her league. I suppose she’s right; he is nice enough to donate pills to Max’s cause for improving his hoop skills, and he’s a basketball savant. But that wont win a girls heart like a down-to-earth personality and better conversation skills. Sorry Charlie (or Bobby). Maybe one of the players can help him; Gil is too busy renovating his bar area.

December 19, 2014

Basketball Bobby

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Gil Thorp



So former White Sox closer Bobby Howry is now reincarnated as a high school basketball player/future big-time coach.

And from our first impression he looks like the latest in a line of self-aggrandizing characters that you hope get accidentally tossed in the annual bonfire with the firewood or otherwise banished to another school in the valley, where their appearances are minimized. He seems to think changing his name to Bobby will improve his chances of succeeding at coaching, even though all we know about him is he’s short and cant play a lick. Otherwise Gil wouldnt be acting like he’s the last resort for a varsity team adjusting to roster moves as the football season has ended 3 weeks after everyone elses. Nice to have such aspirations but if he’s learning Basketball 101 from Gil Thorp at Milford, I dont care if his last name is Bobby too – he’ll be lucky to coach at the YMCA. At least Gil knows who he is; maybe Kaz will take a sabbatical and let young Howry fill in for on-the-job training? We’ll see if he’s running the team by mid-season so Gil can do more of what he does best – not coach and look like he is.

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