This Week in Milford

June 5, 2015

Dont believe me just watch.

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P1 Gil repeats what he said yesterday and adds that coaching caveat – forget about whos watching you and concentrate on your job, and the rest will take care of itself. Another life lesson from the GilFather.

And we’re back in party mode with Boo Radley announcing her weekend plans to the girls who dont seem too keen on watching a show at midnight. Well Boo will get someone to go, and his name is True. And I figure there’s some trouble ahead with a late night, a romantic setting and the Mystic Pranks ready to split your ears out. The scouts wont have an answer for how fast True can get in the soup in Central City.

May 23, 2015

Running in place

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And we fart away another day of potential baseball and softball action to settle exactly what it is these 2 are at the Coffee Cantina for. Well, its for a cup of coffee and a chance to explore the other side of each other, the non-douchbag side. Believe me, Atila the Hun has nothing on ol Boo when she gets rolling. Now that thats established, lets have some coffee and see how romantic we can be with each other before this strips time frame requires us to be written out of it. Hey, how do you know I even like coffee? And this place only has one door in a 2-door frame, so that guy can just walk out without opening the door. What happens when they close? Hey, just walk in and out at your leisure. We never really close. Those 3am coffee jags Gil gets after playing night golf need to be fulfilled.

May 8, 2015

I would presume to assume you’re a douchbag

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Boo and True discover they’ve met already, at a party back in the fall, (need the archive expert to come up with appropriate strip at this point) and I think given the fact that True was such a notable transfer to the school its likely she knew who he was And saw him around school and on the field before this party. At any rate, she teases him about being a dumb jock, then in P2 he says ‘the first time’ was at a party. Well then there was at least one other time, which would help his memory considerably, one would think. Then he rolls out the line in P3 that must have her eyes rolling. So he’s saying she is presuming he would not remember her, but the opposite is not true, that he has enough regard for her memory that she would remember him. And she would respond (title of this post) and that would definitely be true, of True. Got all that?

March 20, 2015

Yes I’m wearing the same sweaty sweatervest I wore to the game

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Max predictably is ineffective without the Adderall, and Gil replaces him, in typical Gil fashion too late to save the team from a loss. I remember when losses were status quo, now they’re ‘important’.
Bobby promises to have another pill for Max the next game, and also doesnt bother to change clothes between the game and school the next day, where the only difference is he is sans tie. Leisl looks terrific in that purple dress, and if she is changing her mind about Bobby for his savant abilities, so be it.

January 30, 2015

The Bacon wasnt cooking

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Gil Thorp

As the wheels on the bus go round and round on the way home from Jefferson, Max has Bobby go over his numbers, which arent impressive, and it looks like Bobby has Max under his spell of branding, as even a win which is the primary goal is tainted by his subpar performance. Basketball is the most individual sport of all the team sports, since there’s only 5 guys out there and the defense cant just guard 1 guy, as the other 4 will be wide open to do their thing. So 1 talented individual can take over a game for spells at a time, as Ken Brown does for Milford. And Bacon had stiff competition in this game, as Bobby points out, and any way he should worry more about the defensive end of the floor, as thats how games are won at a higher level. Howry should know that.

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