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October 9, 2015


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As the intrusion of Milford football continues, we have the cameraman and mike man position themselves farther away at Gils request, and they pick up Gils determination that his team cant beat Bastrop, a school from Texas. At the moment theyre losing to Reagan, just like Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale did many years ago. SUBTITLE:  WE SUCK.

Love how they have helmets on with t-shirts for the walk-through. Why the hell they need the helmets is beyond me. Unless they fear they’ll hear Gil better with them off. SUBTITLE: GET YOUR G_DAMN CAMERAS OUTTA HERE!!

October 3, 2015

Night Owls

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Well someone forgot to tell the defense to show up – all the worrying about 7 on 7’s made everyone forget about the other side of the ball, and its a free-for-all, albeit more exciting then a 7-6 taffy pull. Great Panel 1, but Panel 2 makes no sense as the defender is at least 5 yards offsides at the snap. Starting in the opponents backfield and still giving up 34 points is something nobody can help you with, let alone real coaches. Dont know where the fans all dissappeared to – maybe they saw Marty’s whiskey in his cabin and are lined up for a sip. All televised too! Hey, who’s # 44? Nice catch and score – looks like that locks up the game and we can show Gil shaking hands with the Oakwood coach who was last seen in 2013 –


and before that all the way back in 2007!

Obviously Tod Andrews either lost his hair, his color, or both. I almost lost my mind researching this info! Happy Saturday!!

September 3, 2015

The right woman is Marjie!

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And we have the radio banter I love the most, a girl and a guy going over their past history with the opposite sex. I listened to a similar show for a couple of years and got into it so much I was recording it while in the shower so as not to miss anything. I even called the show once to answer a question, and heard them play it back later after a commercial break; they were just raking me over the coals! I sounded terrible, as I had called in sick to work so I was under the weather to begin with. Kinda embarrassing really. But I wound up getting along with the female dj pretty well after that.
At any rate – – at first I thought the woman was the fat kid from a few years back who had the ugly mother, cant come up with his name though. Oh yeah – Brent Raptor. Glory days with the RapDog! Any of you please feel free to edit this with a link to a strip with his visage so we can see the likeness. Thank you!
How many airports charge for bags right at the baggage check counter?? Everywhere else you pay ahead of time for all that stuff, and carry-on is run through security. Again, only in Milford. Is this the right woman or just any woman, where is she going, and why? Answers coming soon. Also coming soon is another weekend getaway by yours truly, as my Friday spot will be filled by #mustbetrue. Later!

June 5, 2015

Dont believe me just watch.

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P1 Gil repeats what he said yesterday and adds that coaching caveat – forget about whos watching you and concentrate on your job, and the rest will take care of itself. Another life lesson from the GilFather.

And we’re back in party mode with Boo Radley announcing her weekend plans to the girls who dont seem too keen on watching a show at midnight. Well Boo will get someone to go, and his name is True. And I figure there’s some trouble ahead with a late night, a romantic setting and the Mystic Pranks ready to split your ears out. The scouts wont have an answer for how fast True can get in the soup in Central City.

May 23, 2015

Running in place

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And we fart away another day of potential baseball and softball action to settle exactly what it is these 2 are at the Coffee Cantina for. Well, its for a cup of coffee and a chance to explore the other side of each other, the non-douchbag side. Believe me, Atila the Hun has nothing on ol Boo when she gets rolling. Now that thats established, lets have some coffee and see how romantic we can be with each other before this strips time frame requires us to be written out of it. Hey, how do you know I even like coffee? And this place only has one door in a 2-door frame, so that guy can just walk out without opening the door. What happens when they close? Hey, just walk in and out at your leisure. We never really close. Those 3am coffee jags Gil gets after playing night golf need to be fulfilled.

May 22, 2015

A pair with yellow hair

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Well well, if it isnt Boo and True at our old local coffeehouse, the Coffee Cantina. Methinks this is the place where True and his dad discussed potential schools to transfer to last summer during the 7-on-7 tourney. As Ned Ryerson would say, “Am I right or am I right?” Anyway, they still go to the Bucket after road games? I thought this was strictly a home game affair but whatever.
Boo challenges him to make ‘this’ entertaining, and lets hope ‘this’ is better then the Bobby Howry 1-date stand with the mouth of pizza and hoops-only dialogue. And, hey Garry, no standees while the bus is in motion.

May 8, 2015

I would presume to assume you’re a douchbag

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Boo and True discover they’ve met already, at a party back in the fall, (need the archive expert to come up with appropriate strip at this point) and I think given the fact that True was such a notable transfer to the school its likely she knew who he was And saw him around school and on the field before this party. At any rate, she teases him about being a dumb jock, then in P2 he says ‘the first time’ was at a party. Well then there was at least one other time, which would help his memory considerably, one would think. Then he rolls out the line in P3 that must have her eyes rolling. So he’s saying she is presuming he would not remember her, but the opposite is not true, that he has enough regard for her memory that she would remember him. And she would respond (title of this post) and that would definitely be true, of True. Got all that?

March 13, 2015

Is there a pill for being mono-focused?

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Well its 1 and done for mister Howry as Leisl determines he needs to broaden himself to play in her league. I suppose she’s right; he is nice enough to donate pills to Max’s cause for improving his hoop skills, and he’s a basketball savant. But that wont win a girls heart like a down-to-earth personality and better conversation skills. Sorry Charlie (or Bobby). Maybe one of the players can help him; Gil is too busy renovating his bar area.

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