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April 16, 2014

Coincidences and Consequences

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April 16, 2014


Yes, usually if you are starting in the field for a softball game as a direct consequence you get to hit as well. Amy seems about as unfamiliar with high school softball as I am. She does have quite the nice flip phone though. It’s good to see that the Lange family doesn’t feel the need to keep up with the latest technology I suppose.

Coincidentally, Lucky’s eyes look much better and it shows on the field as he continues to rake it. Man, there are a ton of schools named Central High. I can only wonder if the introduction of Marty Moon into the plotline forebodes him stirring things up. Not that there’s anything so terrible about this season’s plot, but it’s been a little low on dramatic tension. Then again, who am I to complain? Oh wait, that’s the whole gig of a highly paid TWIM blogger. That and something about making jokes I think… maybe next time.

April 15, 2014

Fortune Fades

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April 15, 2014


So, hitting into an infield fly rule… not exactly lucky is it? The runners on first and second are unlikely to advance and, even if they did, it would be a moot point with the subsequent groundout by catcher Andrea Lis (remember that name! there’ll be a quiz later!).

I think this gives us a chance to start to quantify Haskins induced luck. We know that two blackeyes equals one night’s dinner at a Schultz’s Polynesian. Similarly, we know that getting doused with a pitcher of root beer equals a free dinner at Milford’s leading Deutsch themed tiki bar.

What other data points do we have? A rub of Lucky’s head can, in addition to possibly causing a freak injury to the person starting ahead of you, give you a brief fielding boost – one stellar diving catch – but it won’t carry over to the plate where strikeouts and infield pop flies will continue to plague you. I’m probably skipping over a few other data points and I’m not sure how to interpret the initial black eye, but I think if we can convince Billy to load all of this into the Milford.xls, it will very likely spit out a Grand Unified Theory of luck in the Milfordiverse.

April 14, 2014

Slippin’ and a Slidin, Swinging and a Striking Out

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April 14, 2014


Ah, back from vacation and ready to mock some Gil Thorp! What do we have to go for today? Hmmmm, it seems we’re back to doing the thing where the creators believe anyone reading the strip is incapable of remembering the names of the characters from day to day. Anyway, just in case you forgot from reading it ten seconds ago, the injured players first and last name is Nisha Vulaj. Got that? Oh, and the girl who’s subbing for her? Her name is Amy, Amy Lange. Now, if we could only remember who the hapless male protagonist was…

Anyway, we get to see some more interesting action. The way that Amy Lange – remember her? – is landing on that diving catch looks quite painful to me. I can certainly imagine being a little sore afterwards and swinging a good six inches over a pitch, but if we assume that all of the action in panel three is more or less simultaneous, it seems to be the case that Amy was swinging well before the ball got into the vicinity of home plate. Maybe I’m wrong about that as I know even less about softball than I do highschool baseball. In any case, I foresee more headrubbing* in Amy’s immediate future.

* Which, in this specific context, is totally not a skeevy thing to say. Honest!

Musical accompaniment to today’s post:

April 12, 2014

Who’s Clumsy Now?

April 12, 2014


Well, that’s not how I envisioned the rub going down but there you have it.

Words and picture don’t quite line up in the rest of the strip. Why would Nisha Vulaj be doing a headfirst slide rounding first? Did she trip? Do people who trip usually fall so gracefully? No matter; check back Monday to see how Clumsy Amy fills in for gracefully clumsy Nisha!

April 11, 2014

A Pinch, Then a Rub

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April 11, 2014


“Is that some kind of cheesy come-on?” “No! This is some kind of cheesy come-on!”

The jokes practically write themselves here – not saying they’re good jokes, but still. Even Coffee Cantina busboy grimaces at the cheese Lucky’s throwing. Now, like Pee-Wee Herman in his pre-Playhouse Groundlings show, he’s going to share his luck with Clumsy Amy.

Not sure what Today’s Brew is, or the Lunch Special, or even if that Lunch Special sandwich board belongs to the Cantina. A lucky few (see what I did there?) at the CC can get their brew (and maybe their $4 San Pi) al fresco.

Bonus Pantheon of Hair sighting: Teen Wolf’s proto-mullet in P1.

April 10, 2014

Thats a Hang wiff-em

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Good baseball action today as we have Lucky’s liner either speared by the shortstop who is standing near enough to 2nd to force out the runner (who needs to make the line drive go through before getting too far off base) or is getting a short throw from the 2nd baseman and covering the bag. I vote for the latter, since the SS is rarely that far over by 2nd base to catch a liner like that. He also should be more behind the runner, as the graphic makes it look like he ran Through the runner to get to that spot. No biggie though; if it was 3D we’d have more of an angle. I have nothing on Panel 3, as its a perfect coaching/player attitude. Keep hitting em hard and they’ll fall in eventually.

April 9, 2014

Lucky she doesnt mind being a man

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I guess Lucky is comfortable with referring to Amy as a utility man instead of utility player, and we obviously know what he means, but now he’s getting creepy, wanting to give her something thats intangible and random. And why would he want to give her his kind of luck anyway, as its been nothing but bad so far? Another wrong-way-to-win-the-girl story is staring down our throats.

Milford’s home field needs more room between the fence and the batters box – Lucky is about to be face-planted as he runs to 1st.


April 8, 2014

Designated sitter

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I last played softball in 2005, and one day I was waiting for the game to start when I saw some people sit in the bleachers behind us. I told a teammate  “Our fans are here.”   He responded  “Yeah, both of them.”

Such is typical attendance at high school games as well – most weekday games are at 4:00 or so, and everyone has too much other stuff to do then watch their classmates play ball for 2 hours. I think I went to 1 regular season baseball game in 4 years of high school, and by the 3rd inning I was bored out of my mind wondering why I came. Plus my team was getting pumped by the same school that kicked our ass in football every year but one.

At any rate – Lucky is playing the big man on campus role to the hilt, until his tongue spits out a double negative, and I’m guessing Amy’s answer will be something like ‘Maybe next time I’ll spill 2 pitchers on you, and then you’ll be even less dry.’



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